papiNet CallOff

CallOff e-Document Overview

A CallOff is a delivery schedule for product(s). Products to be delivered
can be specified by product specifications or by purchase orders. Any
party as agreed in a Trading Partner Agreement can send a CallOff. Each
line item in a CallOff refers either to a product included in a purchase
order or to the product specifications contained in the line item. The
CallOff specifies delivery schedule(s) and quantities for product(s) to be
delivered. The schedule may define a specific date and/or time for delivery

papiNet Delivery

DeliveryMessage Overview

The DeliveryMessage e-Document enables the sender to describe the
contents and configuration of a shipment at various levels of detail.
The DeliveryMessage e-Document specifies the details of a delivery that is
either being despatched or will be despatched at a later time. The
attribute DeliveryMessageType controls the usage of the DeliveryMessage.
A seller can send a DeliveryMessage to one or more receivers, including
the ship-to and/or buyer parties. Delivery messages are also sent to and
from logistics partners.

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