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CallOff e-Document Overview

A CallOff is a delivery schedule for product(s). Products to be delivered
can be specified by product specifications or by purchase orders. Any
party as agreed in a Trading Partner Agreement can send a CallOff. Each
line item in a CallOff refers either to a product included in a purchase
order or to the product specifications contained in the line item. The
CallOff specifies delivery schedule(s) and quantities for product(s) to be
delivered. The schedule may define a specific date and/or time for delivery
or include a time range. All products covered by a CallOff must be
delivered to a single location.

The sender sends the first CallOff, which can then be accepted, amended,
cancelled, or rejected by the receiver via a call off confirmation.
Subsequent call offs can be sent with the receiver responding using a call
off confirmation. It is not mandatory to respond with a call off

• A buyer can include delivery schedule(s) for the product(s) either in a
CallOff or in the purchase order itself.
• While a CallOff does not need to refer to purchase order; a purchase
order or an other agreement must exist for the seller to apply the
delivery to. A CallOff e-Document cannot be used as a purchase
• A buyer can send a CallOff to a supplier providing a delivery schedule
for products. A supplier normally sends a DeliveryInstruction eDocument to a forwarder or a warehouse operator when products are
instructed to be moved to a warehouse or to be delivered to a
buyer/end-user. A CallOff is product oriented while a delivery
instruction is load oriented. More details about loading and unloading
can be controlled by the DeliveryInstruction as well as logistics
• A response to a CallOff can be a call off confirmation with a
specification of all details. Another option is to send a
BusinessAcceptance, which just confirms whether the CallOff will be
executed or rejected. If the CallOff is rejected then the partners
should implement any agreed to actions and the call off should be


CallOff Scope
The CallOff e-Document includes:
• SenderParty and ReceiverParty
• BuyerParty and SupplierParty
• One of more CallOffLineItems with products and quantities to be
• Requested delivery date and time
• Storage location CallOff
papiNet Standard - Version 2.31
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Build V2R31_20110411 Date 2011-05-10
• Ship-to party
• Loading and/or unloading instructions as well as the means of
• Carrier party


CallOffType [attribute]
CallOffType defines the type of CallOff.
This item is restricted to the following list.
Defines a CallOff sent by the buyer to the seller.
Defines a call off confirmation sent in response to a CallOff.